Since 2007, Pedro Monteiro has been developing works that are the result of his dedication and curiosity by sounds that transport us to other realities. Early on he devoted himself to the production, introducing instruments like guitar, clarinet, percussion ... characteristic that represents the Balancé project.
An Portugal based producer of psychedelic chillout his music reflects their emotions and feelings. Without any intention, their productions are created to provide asearch comfortable and intimate. Balancé is a pleasant experience that will draw in the most amazing stories.

"life is balance, you will balance with the rhythm of your feet."

- I n s i g h t - NOYAproject 

Produced by Pedro Monteiro - Mastering by Nuno Monteiro - Artwork by Pedro Monteiro 
Track: Dancing in your mind * voice by Sónia aria 
Self released  - Released June 8, 2016



El Ser Humano - Sergio Walgood [Noya Project Remix]
Track: El Ser Humano  - Artist: Sérgio Walgood  - Album: The Mind and Space 
Sérgio Walgood - The Mind and Space



El Ser Humano - Sérgio Walgood [Noya Project Remix]

released June 20, 2016

 OCO "HOLLOW" - Balancé remix  

The invitation was made and it was irresistible. The proposal is to choose one music from the album Beyond Dust and Bones, released by OCO. An amazing project! Support the artist! - BUY THE FULL ALBUM * OCO | Beyond Dust Bones -

Balancé remix:

Original Track:

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RadiOzora . Balancé | Back to life 

Portugal artist Balancé get back you to your reality. 

SUMMER 2015  All connected around the music!


An amazing summer played in ZNA Gathering [Pt] Freedom Festival [Pt] and Human Evolution Festival [It] where i enjoyed a lot all the moments i lived with beautiful people and a powerful ambient.

KAYA EP | 2015

Independent Release | July 30, 2015
Mastering by Nuno Monteiro @ Estudio do Canto, Beja 
Artwork by Pedro Monteiro

Guitar by Nuno Monteiro 

Forest Garden is a concept from permaculture denoting long-term biologically sustainable system for growing food & other products based on combining plants and trees together in natural woodland-like patterns. It's probably the world's oldest form of land use. 
Master Minded | Moonfrog | Zen Baboon | Kalpataru Tree | Beatfarmer | Martins Garden | Tikki Masala | Balancé | Naturelment | Globular | Primal Vibration
Released by Maia Brasil Records - November 13, 2014
Compiled by Indra (Croatia) 
Mastering by Sonic Crime (Nick Pilouris) @ ESAD Music Studio, Greece 
Artwork by Splund (England) 


Third V.A. edition of the Phantasm Label Downbeat side, Organic Groove! With Balancé; Zen Baboon; Kuba; Flux Natura... this compilation is a Journey of Dub infused, Glitchy, Tribadelic and Shamanic voyages  enjoy!

STARLIGHT [Balancé & Anukai Arun]

Anukai Arun sings quite exceptional in her own way, because she uses no living languages, notes or texts. Her singing is produced directly in the moment. On the floor of the music that accompanies it grows her voice in languages arisingfrom her current intuition. With a keen sense of sensuality they can contribute her sound fantasies. In her music the mind may come to rest, because  there is nothing to understand, but the heart will understand the messages. 

Anukai Arun