An Portugal based producer of psychedelic chillout his music reflects their emotions and feelings. Without any intention, their productions are created to provide asearch comfortable and intimate. 

Sharing compilations with projects as Kuba, Zen Baboon, Globular, Pedra Branca, Sergio Walgood, Master Minded, Kala Hari... and counting with experiments as Boom Festival, Zagoa Festival, Freedom Festival, ZNA and many other events.
Balancé is a pleasant experience that will draw in the most amazing stories.

Kaya is the name of my next EP.
Here is a small sample of 3 songs that will be present on this EP. 
More still to come!
To be published during the month of July on Bandcamp page ;)
An independent work
Thanks for the support!

More info soon... 


I couldn't have asked for any better artists to work with for the first Aquatic Collective Compilation. Seeing your visions become reality through sound is a beautiful thing. It is safe to say we are wrapping up the final stages of the album today and it will be ready for release next tuesday (6/2/15) for free D/L. Thanks again to everyone for contributing such next level submissions and being so patient with everything. S/O to Glyphix for the album artwork 
Official track list below Martins Garden; Icaro; 5AM; Exin; Resonant Language; Mugsy; Shanti; Templo; Nas Ja; Asteroids and Earthaquakes; Balancé; Stratosphere

Amazing compilation heart emoticon with amazing artists:
Dhamika, Airform, Balancé, JP Illusion, Alex Ashnaia Project, Dense, InnerSelf, & Miktek!

. M a c r o  17|06
Balancé | Independent
A journey through time.
4 tracks that have always been part of my journey. Wanted to give them a meaning like change, growth, happiness. At the moment, there is no better meaning to 17|06. 
On this day, all those feelings came together. 
Now, we are one.

. S t a r l i g h t  | Balancé & Anukai Arun

Anukai Arun sings quite exceptional in her own way, because she uses no living languages, notes or texts.
Her singing is produced directly in the moment. On the floor of the music that accompanies it grows her 
voice in languages arising from her current intuition. With a keen sense of sensuality they can contribute 
her sound fantasies. In her music the mind may come to rest, because there is nothing to understand, but
the heart will understand the messages.

 S i l e n t   S p a c e  @ 2014
A trip by silence, looking to hear what the words don't tell us. 

Enjoy the silence!

. Chilling with the moon @ 2014
For when you're watching the moon. Enjoy the moment!

. Stooped Time @ 2014
Maia Brasil Records

Strong emotions are undoubtedly the driving force of this work where time stops and nothing appears to be over. It is these moments that make us stop and observe a productive and genuine form our self and what surrounds us.

Balancé confirmed!

ZNA Gathering - A Retro Futuristic Celebration 2015

FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2015 " Light & Life"
OSG * The Gate of the Gatherer
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