Since 2007, Pedro Monteiro has been developing works that are the result of his dedication and curiosity by sounds that transport us to other realities. 
An Portugal based producer of psychedelic chillout his music reflects their emotions and feelings. Without any intention, their productions are created to provide asearch comfortable and intimate.
Sharing compilations with projects as Kuba, Zen Baboon, Globular, Pedra Branca, Sergio Walgood, Master Minded, Kala Hari... and counting with experiments as Boom Festival, Zagoa Festival and many other events, Balancé is a pleasant experience that will draw in the most amazing stories. 

Balancé confirmed!
ZNA Gathering - A Retro Futuristic Celebration 2015

FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2015 " Light & Life"

Balancé | Project we like * VOTE BALANCÉ PROJECT

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For when you're watching the moon. Enjoy the moment!
Track List: 
"Gaia" . 7: 04m. *speech by Terence McKenna . (90bpm) 
"Fredoom" . 6: 30m . (80bpm)
"no name" . 6: 12m . (80bpm) 
"Cosmic connection III" . 7: 57m . (95bpm)


4.Ligthness [not edited]
7.Cosmic connection III [Album EP Cosmic Connection]
8.Space silence [Album EP Silent Space]
9.North winds [Album EP Silent Space]

Digitally Imported Psychill

THE MOONBEATS - Compiled by Maiia 

Ovnimooon Records is proud to present this amazing downtepmo dub, psychill and breaks compilation called The Moonbeats compiled by our friend and label artist Maiia from Moscow, Russia. Using her extensive skills of storytelling through music she has collected these stunning 10 tracks into an epic journey around the planet with music by amazing new fresh faces as well as already well known artists in the genre today. Just sit back and let the music be a guide for your astral projection flight to the moon any beyond.

BUY: Beatport | Psyshop 

FOREST GARDEN -Compiled by Indra

Forest Garden is a concept from permaculture denoting long-term biologically sustainable system for growing food & other products based on combining plants and trees together in natural woodland-like patterns. It's probably the world's oldest form of land use.

This compilation symbolize life cycle, transformation of the mankind and the Earth. It is a call for wake up and go back to the roots values and sustainable way of living, trough the mystical ancient sounds and deep dub bass following the heart beats.

Compiled by Indra (Croatia)

DOWNLOAD: Bandcamp


FROM DUSK TILL DAWN - Compiled by Wacamolo

Third V.A. edition of the Phantasm Label Downbeat side, Organic Groove ! With Balancé; Zen Baboon; Kuba; Flux Natura... this compilation is a Journey of Dub infused, Glitchy, Tribadelic and Shamanic voyages enjoy!

Released by: Phantasm Records Organic Grooves

DOWNLOAD: Beatport

RADIOZORA - Balancé "Cosmic Language" 

You can find the balance of the cosmos' language on 24th March 2014 Monday 8pm CET on the Chill channel.

Balancé feat Anukai Arun - "Behind Me"

"I create with my music a space, where you can look inside yourself to find what you are looking for. My music does not need a language to make you understand what it is about. Just listen with your heart and let it touch you!"
Tanja Lala


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